the heart of a missionary

“I have but one passion: It is He; it is He alone. The world is the field and the field is the world; and henceforth that country shall be my home where I can be most used in winning souls for Christ.”

–Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf

our story

We stepped out of a life of sex, drugs and rocknroll and into the arms of Jesus! In 2004, through the ministry of West Windsor Baptist Church in Windsor, New York we came to know Christ as our Savior. We follow him with a passion that comes from personally knowing his love, mercy, forgiveness and grace. Leaving our families, friends and country is one of the craziest, hardest things we have ever done, and we wouldn't change a thing! Our drive is to share the gospel with those that are lost in darkness so that they may experience the life changing HOPE that comes from the life, death, burial and resurrection of the warrior king and precious Lamb of God, Jesus Christ!

OUR mission

Our desire is to Love God, Love People and to make Disciples of Jesus Christ.
We seek to accomplish this by walking faithfully within the Body of Christ as we, together, go into all the world! 

we are ambassadors of the gospel

Our purpose is to reach the lost

we are called to encourage brothers and sisters in christ

Our purpose is to spur along the body of Christ to love and good works

we are servants of the living god

Our purpose is to become more like Christ

our sending church

"How did you end up in NIcaragua?" Usually, this is the first thing people ask us. Our story began at West Windsor Baptist Church in Windsor, New York in 2004, where the Word of God brought us to Salvation as older adults. As young believers we started serving in the church. We kept growing in our faith and in 2013 Chad realized the desire, the call, to serve in full time ministry. Our Pastors and leaders of WWBC joined us in prayer and counseled us as we pursued the Lord's leading as to where we would serve. We were willing to go into the world. Our church supports several ABWE missionaries and so we decided that they would be our mission board. Throughout our training we were presented with many global ministry opportunities. We decided to see first hand the needs in Nicaragua. It was then that our hearts were drawn to the work being done here for the gospel. Although we now live and serve in another country, our hearts remain tethered to the Body of Believers in Windsor, NY as we are truly their arms and hearts serving here in Nicaragua. We are blessed and proud to be sent missionaries from West Windsor Baptist Church, where the Word of God is lived out and lives are forever changed.

our mission board

“How did you end up with ABWE?” This is the second most frequently asked question after, “So, how did you get here?” Our sending church supports several ABWE missionaries, so when our church committed to sending us, it was decided that we would apply with the mission board of ABWE. We are blessed to be part of such a Gospel driven group of servants that provide us with incredible resources and compassionate accountability. Check out ABWE’s 24-Hour Demo for your opportunity to see how this process of becoming a missionary and serving with this fantastic mission board all works.